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Let's Talk Religion

At Home Ministry: Gospel Tracts Can Help You Have An Effective Outreach Ministry Without Leaving Your House

Kurt Morales

For those who have a heart for ministry, being unable to go out and preach the gospel can be disheartening. Whether you need to remain at home due to health issues, inability to drive, or because you need to shelter in place due to the pandemic, you can still have a powerful ministry. Gospel tracts are the key and are a powerful tool you can use in ministry without leaving your home.

Choosing your gospel tracts

When it comes to choosing gospel tracts, you will have plenty of designs and styles to select. You should choose tracts suitable for adults, teens, and children to broaden your outreach efforts. Look for gospel tracts with eye-catching slogans or pictures that will spark curiosity and interest when opened.

If you know people in your community who speak more than one language, you may want to order a few gospel tracts in various languages to increase your outreach potential. This may require a little research to determine which language is preferred by a specific person you wish to reach.

Create a master list

Creating a master list of names of people you want to reach through your ministry will help you keep things organized and prevent you from sending duplicate correspondence. Your local phone book is a good place to locate names and addresses. Start with a basic list of your friends, family, and others you know who may benefit from receiving a gospel tract and add to it as your outreach grows.

Stock up on fun embellishments

Beautiful stationery, inspirational stickers, and cards are nice additions to your gospel tracts and will give your ministry a personal touch. Write an encouraging letter or decorate note cards with inspirational slogans and stickers to send along with your gospel tracts.

Set aside time for your ministry

The death of any ministry is negligence, and your gospel tract ministry is no exception. Schedule specific times to work on your ministry. Take time to pray over your gospel tracts prior to placing them in the mail.

Starting a gospel tract ministry from home is as easy as ordering several kinds of gospel tracts and having them delivered to your home. Add a few boxes of cards, stationery, stickers, and stamps and you will be on your way to getting your gospel tract ministry up and running. You will enjoy having your own personal ministry and people's lives will be changed because of your outreach.