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When someone suggests talking about religion, how do you respond? A lot of people are a little hesitant to talk about religion because they are used to it being a topic that invites a lot of controversy. This is too bad. There are a lot of great conversations to have about religion, if only we can all agree to be open and understanding. That's the position we aim to take on this blog. We write about religion-related topics from an objective standpoint, and we try to welcome all viewpoints. Start reading this blog, and you might learn a bit about religion, but also about talking about religion.


Let's Talk Religion

3 Times When You Should Have The Energy Cleared From Your Home Or Office

Kurt Morales

The physical world is made up of things you can see, hear, and touch. However, in addition to material objects, the world is also filled with energy. People bring energy to everything they do, from work to play. Your mood, health, and mindset can all affect the energy you put into the world.

At times, energy can cling to spaces, especially places like homes and offices where people spend the majority of their time. Old, stagnant energy can affect your thoughts and emotions, especially if you're sensitive to the energy of others. An energy clearing service can clean negative energy out of your home or office so you can get a fresh start. Here are three times when you may want to invest in an energy clearing service for your home or office:

1. When Starting Over

Beginnings are exciting times. Whether you're starting a new business or moving into a new home, the future is full of possibilities. This is a great time to invest in an energy clearing service for your home or office. Prior tenants may have contributed energy to these spaces that you don't want to have around. An energy worker can remove any negative energy lingering in your new house, apartment, or office to get it ready for you.

2. After A Breakup Or Firing

Parting ways with people can be difficult, especially if you don't part on good terms. Breakups and firings can be rife with negative emotions on both sides, from anger and anxiety to sadness and feelings of regret. After you've let an employee go or removed someone from your personal life, it's a good idea to have the energy in your home or office cleared. This will allow you to get rid of the probable negative emotions generated by your parting of ways.

3. Before A New Season Begins

Observing the seasons is a great way to get in touch with nature and the natural rhythms of life around you. It's natural to want to clean at the beginning of a new season. Spring cleaning is a tradition that gives people the opportunity to clean their spaces physically. Home and office energy clearing can allow you to clean your space energetically as well. Having the energy cleared from your space can allow you to head into a brand new season with clear intentions, ready to meet life head-on and make your plans for the future a reality.